Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Barnet Tweets of the week 26/4/2014

It's Saturday, so it's time for your fave feature, its the good, the bad and the ugly from the world of Barnet Tweeters !

1. Labour Candidate Devra Kay has jumped on the Matthew Offord bandwagon of human rights for animals, in her case mythical ones !

Apr 23
Happy St George's Day. Happy birthday William Shakespeare and unhappy death day to Shakespeare, Cervantes and maybe the dragon.

2. Trouble making Cafe owner Helen Michael has something to say about the the shape of our bums ! Not quite sure whether she's boasting or feeling worried? (needless to say I'll get a slap for that comment!)

BBC News: Why big buttocks can be bad for your health needs silicone when you have the real thing?

3. Mrs Angry lives up to her name !

do you actually believe the shite you are tweeting & blogging about Mapledown? You clearly have no sense of shame.

4. David Constable makes a rather telling observation

"new tube ticket machine" pictured in Evening Standard looks awfully like a ticket office...

4. Paul Evans comes up with a cracking idea !

Still laughing at the suggestion that people waiting to greet the rescued Chilean miners should do so dressed in Planet of the Apes costumes

 5. David Constable demonstrates his incredible powers of perception !

"new tube ticket machine" pictured in Evening Standard looks awfully like a ticket office...

 5. Press Journalist Dan O'Brien has a Eureka! moment

Lesson learned. Always read press releases carefully! Going through one on gritting trucks to see if lone gunman identified.

6. Has East Barnet Tory given up on his own seat? Seems like he prefers going over to Twickenham?

Great morning in Twickenham leafleting - great to see Tony Arbour AM as well as and

7. Good to see that the voters are focussing on the stuff that really matters in this council election !
pls inform Cllr Davey if he wants my vote, he needs to use "I" a lot more and "i" a lot less

8. Everyone in Barnet should read this

Responses to public questions for Business Management OSC this evening have been published

9. Barnet Council is having a nappy recycling week next week. 

  1. Next week is Real Nappy Week (28 April - 3 May). Real Nappy event taking place this Saturday. More info linked below

 10. And finally..... A cracker from Mill Hill Music Complex

As it's Easter weekend, here's a special Saturday joke on our facebook site

Well that's it for this week. Hope ou found something useful, funny or interesting in there somewhere. Each week we publish the tweets that we've seen this week that caught our eye. Let us know if you've seen any that you think are worthy of the list. The only rule is that the tweets should be relevant to Barnet or tweeted by someone with links to Barnet. 

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