Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A night out

I won't be sleeping in my own bed tonight. I won't be speaking to my wife either. I don't know who I'll be sleeping with. Before you start gossiping, I'm sleeping in  a Church in Mill Hill with a bunch of homeless people as part of the Barnet night shelter scheme. Up to 15 homeless people every night are given a bed in one of our local religious institutions. The scheme is run by the Barnet Homeless Action group.

Tonight the shelter is at John Keeble Church in Mill Hill. I am one of two volunteers staying with the guests. Whilst sleeping in a cold drafty church with a bunch of strangers is not my idea of fun, I do believe we should help out the members of our community who need  a hand. One night on a hard floor is a small sacrifice, given the 364 other days in a comfy bed.

Anyway that is what I'm doing for those less well off in our community this week. I'm not writing this blog so you all think what a wonderful chap though, I'm doing it to try and raise awareness of the fact that there are homeless people in Barnet and they really do need somewhere to sleep of an evening, otherwise they'd be on the street. I personally don't believe that in this day and age anyone should be forced to sleep rough. As a society we should make sure everyone has basic accomodation as a right. Sadly this govenrment and this council disagrees. They are quite happy to pull away the safety net. I find that totally appalling, do you?

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