Monday, 28 April 2014

Food Bank Collection - Next Sunday, May 4th - Sacred Heart Church Mill Hill

Currently the Colindale food bank is almost empty and they are appealing in particular for: Tinned fish e.g. tuna, sardines, salmon etc; Tinned meat e.g. corned beef, hot dogs, ham etc; Dried rice; Long life milk. However they do NOT need tinned tomatoes or baked, kidney, or black eye beans at the moment Other food items needed are: Cereals e.g. crunchy nut, Weetabix; Oats; Noodles; Hot chocolate; Coffee, Tinned fruit; Tinned vegetables; Cooking oil; Non-food items needed are: Washing powder; Washing up liquid; Shower gel/soap; Toothpaste; deodorant etc; Toilet rolls and Nappies'

The collection is open to all and the Sacred Heart, Mill Hill is being used as a collection point. Please deliver food before masses at 8.30, 10.00, 11.30 and 6pm. As you can see from the list, this is vital for families with young children. The rise of foodbanks in a wealthy country as ours is a sad indictment indeed.

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button55 said...

food banks = third world status!