Thursday 25 February 2016

Councillor Daniel Thomas - Sitting in a glass house throwing stones?

Barnet Tory Deputy Leader took to twitter yesterday to attack the property interests of Andrew Dismore, the Labour candidate for the GLA. He said

Makes sense, it's just round the corner from his second home and a new school which he tried to block.

So we had a look at Dans interests register on the Barnet Council website

He lists his profession as "Property Development outside the Borough". This begs the question, if Dismore owns two homes, how many does Dan own? Where are they? Dan has previously stood as a Parliamentay candidate for the Conservatives in Wales, we wonder if he owns any in this neck of the wood.?.  It is interesting that the Deputy Leader of the Council chooses to conduct his business outside the Borough. Does he not think Barnet is a great place to do business?

We always say "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" and wonder if Dan would be well advised to heed this. Or maybe tell us how many homes he owns and where they are.

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Anonymous said...

Very sorry Roger, but as all of our Tory land owning land lords have given themselves dispensation from answering any questions regarding them earning shed loads of money from housing benefit (public money) which has nothing to do with you council tax paying minions! How rude of you ! Next you will be expecting us councilours & MPs to be accountable to you the tax payer .