Saturday 13 February 2016

Barnet Council shoddy parking markings in Mill Hill

MIllway - Is this a double or single yellow line?
This morning I was looking for a parking space in Millway, Mill Hill. On the corner of the junction with Newcombe Park. There were three possible parking spaces, but I have to confess that I am not sure whether it is legal to park on any of these. Two of them are single yellow lines, but this looks as if this is because the Council couldn't be bothered to do the job properly. The third is a parking bay marked over a dropped kerb.

Not being a legal eagle or a paring expert like my fellow blogger Mr Mustard, I have no idea what the law says about these instances. What is clear is that Barnet Council are not marking the spaces properly. Does anyone from the council bother checking the work contractors do? Barnet Council believe that the answer to getting quality work is to contract out everything and sack all of their staff. This is symptomatic of what happens when you follow this policy.
Newcombe park - and here? Double or single.

Millway - Is this a dropped kerb or is this a parking bay?

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Mr Mustard said...

Hi Roger, sorry for the delay, been busy with PCN, don't you know. The test for the gaps in the lines is whether they are 'substantially compliant' and in these cases it would be whether it is obvious what is intended. The top photo is clearly a double yellow line awaiting repair and the second photo couldn't really be anything else either so I wouldn't park on either of them. Remember also that a single yellow line without its own time plate is governed by the cpz entry sign which you would have to remember the times of from passing it, many don't.

The bay across a dropped kerb is a nightmare. It is devised to allow the householder to park across their own dropped kerb, which they wouldn't otherwise be able to do inside an operational cpz if there was a gap left but it invites anyone else to park there during the hours of the scheme but of course you wouldn't if there was a car on the drive. The minute the cpz times are over you would have to move if you are not there with the permission of the householder. Some adjudicators would cancel a PCN issued there during cpz times and others wouldn't. It's a lottery and I would never park across a dropped kerb without permission.

It would be helpful if advice about these was on the council website in the parking section.