Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Saturday List #80 - The ten best things in the London Borough of Barnet (and ten we lost)

We haven't had a list for a long time, so here it is

The Mill Hill Observatory
1. The RAF Museum.
2. The Phoenix Cinema
3. La Deliverance at Henlys Corner
4. The Arts Depot
5. Totteridge Valley walks
6. Mill Hill Observatory
7. Burnt Oak Fish Market (Fishmongers)
8. Golders Hill Park
9. Saracens RFC
10. The Welsh Harp

And here is the ten that we've lost

All that is left of Mill Hill The Hale Station
1. Mill Hill Open Air Swimming Pool (Now Etz Haim Free School)
2. Barnet Football Club (Now in Harrow)
3. Church Farmhouse Museum
4. Hendon Odeon cinema
5. The Torrington Music venue
6. The Mill Hill East to Edgware branch of the Northern Line
7. Woolworths
8. Canoeing at Stonegrove Park
9. The 251 Bus to Stanmore
10. Burnt Oak Market

Do you agree? What should have been on the list? What have we lost that should have been on the list?


Nicholas said...

The Mill Hill East to Edgware tracks never formed part of the Northern Line - so I don't think you can claim them as being lost (at least to the tube).

My memories of the Hendon Odeon (and they aren't strong ones as I wasnt necessarily always focussed on the film) was that it was a flea pit - and unlike (say) Muswell Hill Odeon, it didn't have any architectural interest worth saving.

But the Borough is blessed with some wonderful open spaces - not just Golders Hill Park, but Hmpstead Heath, Monken Hadley, Dollis Brook Greenwalk ....

Rog T said...

Hendon Odeon had a big screen and was the place to see the blockbusters locally. It had 1 screen and 1,300 seats. I think it was an archetecturally brilliant cinema. None of those style remain in the Borough which makes it have archetectural interest.

As for the Edgware-Mill Hill East branch. This was transferred to the underground. The war prevented the electrification past Mill Hill East. I'm 100% convinced that if it had been electrified, it would be a massively important link, as the interchange at Mill Hill would link up with Thameslink. There are Underground maps that show the line as part of the the network.