Thursday, 18 February 2016

Is Barnet Council run by a Stalinist cabal?

The Deputy Leader of Barnet Council posted a rather extraordinary tweet this week

why is that surprising? communists have never liked debate.
Young John Thomas, as he likes to be known states that Communists have never liked debate. Well as I am not a communist, I love a debate. I've been trying to engage Mr Thomas and his cadres in one about One Barnet for the last seven years. Mr Thomas has refused to do so on every occasion. I immediately offered again. 
So are you prepared to publicly debate the Capita deal with myself and Yes or No
Guess what? Total silence from young Johnny
Any other markers for Stalinisim.
Nepotism? The Leader of the councils wife is currently Deputy Mayoress. Dean Cohen, who runs the Environment committee is sponsored dby his dad who's been a councillor for decades.
Palace coups. The current Tory MP for Finchley, Mike Freer came to promenance as leader of Barnet Council after a palace coup days after the 2006 council election returned the Tories to power and immediately abandonded their manifesto.
Seems to me like Johnny has spotted something!

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