Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Mental Health Illness - The plague we ignore

Cancer, Heart disease, strokes, depression. Spot the odd one out. Well there is only one of these recognised mental conditions that your friends will tell you to pull yourself together if you are suffering. There is only one which your friends will advise you to ignore medical advice and stop taking the tablets. There is only one which people will question if there is anything wrong with you.

Depression is the most common of the forms of mental illness. There are many. It seems that after decades of neglect, the government is finally getting serious about the issue. I would suggest a good first step for our society is to recognise that mental illness is as valid a condition as any other recognised illness. I would also suggest that we give those doctors working in the field as much respect a we'd give a heart surgeon. It would also be good to stop offering our friends and family advice in a subject we know the squAre root of bugger all about.

Mental illness is a modern day plague and our attitudes to it are stuck in the dark ages. The plague spread because we didn't understand the illness or how to treat them. Friends and family need support, not ill informed opinions.If you love someone, give them unconditional support and love. Let the people who are trained and qualified give the medical advice. 

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