Saturday 13 February 2016

God asked me to tell you everything is OK

Studio 21 - The gateway to heaven?
Three times lucky. Today I sat down to eat my breakfast and the kitchen chair I was sitting on disintegrated and I smacked my head on the nice hard kitchen tiles. I still feel mildly concussed. This is actually the third time this week I've been concussed. On Thursday night I was smacked on the side of the head whilst playing football. After I had double vision, but I wasn't really too concerned as I had double vision before I was playing. You see on Tuesday I'd been in Studio 21 at Mill Hill Music Complex adjusting a CCTV camera. Being rather stupid, I'd got a chair with wheels on to stand on, as the camera is 8' high. Now if one of my staff did this I'd comprehensively b@ll@ck them for being stupid and irresponsible, but hey I think I am impervious accidents. Anyway, I'm up on the chair, adjusting the angle when all of a sudden, I am not there at all. I found myself somewhere completely different. I've read all manner of descriptions of Near Death and out of body experiences, but I can't really say this was like any of them. I really can't describe how marvellous the place I was in really was. All I can say was that it felt rather good. Much to my annoyence, I was told that I had to go back. I asked why. The answer was quite simple. I have a mission to complete in Mill Hill. I don't know what that mission is, but I pretty much assume that it is doing what I am doing and running a studio. The other thing I ascertained is that everything will be OK. There are trials, tribulations and bad things in the world, but it really will be Ok.

Then I came to. Now this was an equally odd experience. I hadn't got a clue where I was. I looked and I could see myself in the large mirrors on the studio wall. This was disconcerting. I didn't think I was looking in a mirror. I immediately assumed that I'd died during the recent treatment for cancer and I was having an out of body experience and viewing myself in the morgue. Then I realised, no I wasn't I was simply looking at myself in a large mirror. I also realised I had a cut on my head at the front which was bleeding profusely and a large bump on the back of my head where I'd walloped it as I hit the deck. I also had double vision.

Now you may think that following this, I would feel bad. In actual fact, quite the opposite, I have had an enormous sense of wellbeing, despite the headache. I'm not trying to preach, convert anyone, but I really think that it is important to share with you the sense I have that for all of us, things really will be OK.

Having said that, really do hope I am done with whacking my head.


Unknown said...

Told you those chairs are lethal!

Rog T said...

Everything is lethal if you are stupid enough ;)