Sunday 7 February 2016

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 7/2/2016

So here we are again. It's time for the tweets of the week in our lovely little corner of London.

1. There were many contenders for the Tweet of the week, but I really could only pick this one.

Pub garden in Edgware - me &,4 chaps; three of them had done a stretch. One said: straight now, no more burglary. Just sell weed and coke

2. I rather like this one as well.

3. Looks like West Hendon is set to become famous.

1hr BBC One documentary about the Tory destruction of the West Hendon estate due to be broadcast in the coming weeks

4. Some great work at Hendon School
Wow! 's inspiring mental health day in preparation of our July 13th Barnet mental health conference

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5. Lest we forget

6.  I just love this picture. A bygone era. Wonder what happened to the trainset?

Mill Hill School c.1935. 

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7. Great to see an old friend on twitter! I do miss Vicky

Look who I bumped into at conference in Nottingham. Former Barnet blogger
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 8. A shoutout to the businesswomen of Barnet

Calling all ! Buzzing Business Club - 15 Feb, 6pm at Café Buzz, 783 High Road N12 8JY

9. Our new Thameslink trains are on test, sometime soon we'll be seeing these stopping at Mill Hill & Hendon.

Pic: testing class 700 stock 3T53 Cricklewood to 3 Bridges today

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