Monday, 1 February 2016

The 2016 Barnet Council governance project - No 18 Project Chicago

Today FoI concerns "Project Chicago". This is part of Barnet Councils efforts to save "hard earned taxpayers money". Like many similar Barnet Council projects, this is shrouded in secrecy and the finances are opaque. However we are sure that this is purely because no one has bothered to ask. Of course you can rely on the Barnet Eye to put this right. So hopefully, in short order, the people of Barnet will know all about project Chicago and just how much money it will be saving us.

From: Roger Tichborne 
Sent: 31 January 2016 12:43
To: ''
Subject: RE: Freedom of Information request - Project Chicago

Dear FoI Barnet

Please provide details on Project Chicago and copies of minutes of the meetings at which Barnet Council staff were first briefed on Project Chicago.

Many thanks

Roger Tichborne

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Anonymous said...

Roger reading your blog I thought I would look up if there was anything on project Chicago! I found that it was a site set up as a Liar site ! A site set up for the purposes of seduction by a community of men ( must be very sad men ) maybe Barnet councilours & chief officers !