Monday, 21 November 2016

Donald Trump isn't the problem

 Pussies are getting a raw deal from Trump
Last night I watched the news with a sense of something approaching horror. There was a feature on how Donald Trump has been overreacting to various events. Firstly he overreactd to the actions of the cast of a Broadway musical to his running mate Mike Pence. Pence had been subject to a "lecture" from the cast. Pence wisely said that it was great to see free speech in action. As an experienced politician Pence realised that he had to take it with good grace. Then Trump overreacted to a comedy sketch featuring him wildley googling "ISIS". Trump demanded equal air time fo his views. It isn't clear who he wants comedy shows to lampoon, but a man so thin skinned must ring alarm bells.Back in the 1980's UK politicians were mercilessly lampooned by Spitting Image. It became a badge of honour amongst them to be picked on. The cabinet were hilariously displayed as vegetables, Kenneth Baker as a slug and David Steel as a midget in David Owens pocket. They just ot on with it. One has to wonder if Trump gets so upset over this, what will happen when he has to deal with Kim Jong Un or Vladimir Putin. It can only make you a bit edgy.

But Trump isn't the problem. Everyone knew what he was like long before the election. No one could be in any doubt that he'd be tetchy. His whole campaign from start to finish was unpleasant. When Hillary Clinton questioned his judgement, he told her he'd "lock her up", even though the President has no role in the judicial process of the courts. This should have rung alarm bells for the electorate, but they seemed to lap it up. Trump has ushered in a new and very unpleasant age. This is nothing to do with his Politics, it is the style and tone that worries me. It doesn't matter what you think of someones Politics, for a role such as the President, you need a sound temperament. Trump has never displayed this. But he is not the problem. The problem is that enough voters (although not actually a majority) thought he was the man for the job.

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