Monday, 7 November 2016

Why has Google removed Blogger App from the iPhone?

I write most of the blogs you read here on my iPhone whilst travelling. Google has made thousands of pounds from my blog on click they advertising over the years from this site. They do nothing for this, as I opt in to Adwords and do all the work. Given the nature of my blog, it needs constant attention. Recently I tried to use the Blogger app to update a blog and it crashed. After some research it transpires that Google have withdrawn the app from iPhone. I can still write blogs etc, using the Safari browser, but it is a huge pain. There is no way that this can be deemed 'looking after the customer'.

So thanks Google. When a company gets too big to care, we all know what happens next.

Please don't leave comments detailing workarounds/ other platforms as that really isn't the point. The point is that Google has become arrogant and lost customer focus. It would have been small beer for them to simply leave the old app in place.

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Ian Gibson said...

I feel your pain, I felt the same when they stopped their Reader service some time ago.