Thursday, 10 November 2016

Thameslink - The gift that keeps on giving

Just how incompetent does a train operator have to be before it gets the sack? Just how useless does an MP have to be before he doesn't realise just how badly this affects the people who voted him in?

A proper MP for Hendon constituency would hav been down at Mill Hill Broadway, speaking to commuters as the service has disintegrated. He would be dragging the bosses of the operators up to Mill Hill to explain and apologise.

We all know that things happen, but how can an issue in Luton stop trains running through central London for three days? How can an operator have no contingency plans? I wa left high and dry on Tuesday night, stuck at Farringdon as display boards constantly changed. Eventually a PA announcement decreed that we'd be better off getting the tube home.

I scoured the local press for a statement from our MP. Nothing. After three days of complete chaos. Just out of interest I did a Google search on "Matthew Offord Thameslink". All I got was a load of stories where Mr Offord was praising Thameslink for being marvellous. I challenged Mr Offord a few years ago about his cosy relationship with operators. He replied that you get more done by being nice to them. Well Mr Offord, the people of Mill Hill disagree. It is chaos.

My opinion of Thameslink is that it is the gift that keeps giving, if you are a shareholder of Govia, the operator. MPs like Matthew Offord are simply useful idiots, who facilitate poor service. The rest of us are simply treated as cash cows. For my wasted hour on Tuesday, I am entitled to a couple of quid compensation. It is a complete joke.

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Unknown said...

Well said. Thameslink should have had their management contract rescinded over a year ago.This week the service has been diabolical.