Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Is Jensen Button now driving the 303 Bus?

Last night, I had a real white knuckle ride home from the Chandos in Colindale. I had a masterful experience of the highest quality of rally car driving. The only minor problem was that I was on a 303 bus. Standing passengers were hanging on for dear life as the bus accelerated and braked with high precision at great speed. I thought I'd pay a compliment to TFL, letting them know that I appreciated their efforts to get me home in record time. Here is my tweet and their reply.

@barneteye @tfl I'm pretty sure that we fitted that particular bus with wet tyres...

It is great to see a bit of humour. In light of the Croydon Tram disaster, maybe however we do need to just have a look and see whether there are any safety issues. Of course it was great to get home a minute earlier, but I'm not really sure that if I want to go rallying, I want to do it in a 303 bus.

(Note : TFL removed the tweet yesterday)

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