Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Tweets of the week - 20/11/2016

I didn't do the list last week. TBH, there weren't 10 tweets I could find that really warranted a list. Fortunately this week, the Barnet Twitterati have done us proud! Don't forget, if you see a great tweet, follow the tweeter and you might see a few more!

1. Did you see the Supermoon? Barnet_Rebel did

2.  My Fellow Barnet Blogger, Mrs Angry has found something that tickles her fancy!

3. VictoriaParkFinchley are worried about a proposal to prune a maple tree!

4. Great to see that the 19th Hendon Cub pack is thriving!

5. Congrats to the Hendon girls basketball team. (This was one of the few great tweets from last week!)

6. The Londonist was in Golders Green

7. Great picture from Jen Campbell of Hampstead Heath

8. Regulars will know we always like a great historical piccie!

9. Down at the clubhouse, Mill Hill Rugby club players were wipping their conkers out! (fnar, fnar)

10. We had some great live music this week at The Chandos Arms!

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