Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The False Dots will not be performing at Dingwalls on Thursday 10th November

From the school of hard knocks - The False Dots
The False Dots are sorry to announce that we will not be playing at Dingwalls on Thursday. The promoter informed us after our rehearsal tonight that we would only be able to perform for ten minutes from 7:15. The band took the unanimous view that this was a waste of time for the band and insulting to our fans.

We have informed Jam24Radio, the promoters, of our decision. We felt that playing 2 songs before most of the audience had arrived was not a proposition worth entertaining. Recent actions by the promoter had clearly indicated to the band that the promoter was not overly keen on the band being associated with the event, despite our efforts promoting the show, introducing them to TV and Radio contacts and artists for the show.. This was confirmed by the band timings.

The band will shortly be announcing details of our Xmas party gig on Friday 16 Dec. The bands evening was not entirely wasted, as we had a great rehearsal and a great photo shoot (see photo above).

The view of the False Dots is and always will be that all artists deserve to be treated with respect. Being informed of untenable terms and conditions at short notice does not conform to our view of what artists should expect. Whilst we would not normally air such matters in public, given the promotional effort we put into the show, and the efforts to assist the promoter, given the short notice of the cancellation, we felt that we had no choice but to fully explain the reasons.

We wish all artists performing the show well.

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