Monday, 18 November 2019

Prince Andrew - The questions that need to be answered

Like many people, I felt the Prince Andrew interview asked more questions than it answers and it has done his credibility no good at all. I don't really give a stuff for him and his reputation. I have a lot of sympathy for the victims of Epsteins activities, something Prince Andrew clearly lacks. But some of his answers simply require a far greater level of scrutiny. The following questions spring to mind.

1) Prince Andrew stated that he was at Pizza Express in Woking when he was allegedly having sex with one of the young ladies associated with Epstein. Prince Andrew has a security detail and his movements are logged and he has protection. There shopuld be no reason why these aren't released in full if there is nothing to hide.

2) The Royal family are always at risk of all manner of threats. Regular associates such as Epstien would be vetted. Given Epsteins activities, it is simply not credible for Prince Andrew to claim that he wasn't fully aware of the situation.

3) Prince Andrew claims he was behaving honourably in standing by his friend. Does Prince Andrew really have so little concern for the vulnerable victims of rich and powerful men that he deems maintaining such friendships 'honourable'.

It must be remembered that Prince Andrew was a member of the armed forces, a high profile Royal, a prime terrorist target. He wasn't an ordinary bloke who came and went as he pleased. For his own protection, he was a man who had protection and had advisers to ensure his safety. His movements would be recorded. The Royal family are always at risk of blackmail and all manner of other threats, as well as terrorists. Prince Andrew was not a child at the time, he must have maintained this friendship having been fully briefed on it.

I don't know exactly what the basis for his friendship with Epstein was, but until he comes up with far better answers, I doubt too many people will be trusting of him.

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