Sunday, 17 November 2019

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 17/11/2019

Whilst the local Twitter feeds are largely full of people trying to explain why their particular brand of politics is marvellous and everyone else are really axe murderers in disguise (if you know what I mean), there have actually been some rather interesting tweets in amongst all of the chaff. I'm really not quite sure political activists think pictures of groups of people holding leaflets would persuade anyone to do anything, except unfollow them. I have a radical suggestion. Why not actually spell out some positive benefits of your proposals and how they affect real people. Rant over, and on with our selection, which is free of such nonsense.

1. Lets start with an excellent series of Tweets from one of our favourite local Tweeters. A holiday in Brent Cross in the 1930's? If you had a Tardis, would that appeal?

2. Who knew that Edgware was a hotbed of Fascism in the 1930's????

3. Good to see locals bigging up shops that give good service

4. Seems like there was some interesting skills being taught in Cricklewood yesterday

5. This is perhaps my favourite picture on twitter this week. When I think Finchley, this isn't always the image I imaging

6. The BBC were in Mill Hill for the unveiling of a new telescope this week!

7. Fair play to Ilford FC for putting out this video of the mauling they received from our local team Hadley FC. Best wishes for their centre forward whobroke his fibia. Hadley is a great place to experience non league football

8. Fancy some high quality Jazz in Mill Hill this week?

9. If these marvellous young people can support the local litter pickers, so can you! Join your local group

10. The next generation of Rock and Rollers are making a name for themselves and it all started in Mill Hill for a fiver!

That's all folks!

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