Saturday, 2 November 2019

The Saturday list #239 - People worth listening to

Here’s a list I’ve been meaning to do since I started this series. This list is people worth listening to. You don’t have to agree with them, but whatever they say is generally interesting. I’ve chosen one from each field, the person I’d change the channel to hear.

1. Music - John Lydon. Very much a marmite man. You love him or you hate him, but he is always interesting. His autobiographies are well worth a read. Not the usual pop star banality.

2. Poetry - John Cooper-Clark. A really difficult choice, but to me JCC is the man who inspired me to write poetry. His grim but humorous take on life has always been an inspiration.

3. Environmentalism - David Attenborough. If you don’t know why, then you clearly don’t live on the same planet as me.

4. Politics - Kenneth Clarke. Soon to leave the commons, but almost the last grown up, sensible Tort left standing. If he’s on #BBCQT it’s worth watching, if not don’t bother. I often disagree with Ken, but I think he is a great speaker.

5. Sport - Vincent Kompany. Former captain of Manchester City and Belgium. If you think footballers are inarticulate, check out Vincent. Honest, intelligent, passionate and articulate, what a captain should be.

6. Barnet - John Burgess. A man without peers who has dedicated his life and has the scars, defending public services in Barnet. Unison Branch secretary.

7. Film - Ken Loach. Has made several of the greatest British films, but also makes you think. A gem,  a man who uses his platform and talents wisely.

8. Radio - Robert Elms. Does a show on BBC Radio London from 10am Mon-Sat. Intelligent, eclectic, informative and plays great music. Regular topics include architecture, industrial history of London, listed Londoners. The show has regular live music slots.

9. TV - Robert Peston. In my humble opinion, the best political commentator in the UK.

10. Twitter - Mark Amies AKA @Superfast72 Has several accounts on a range of subjects, likes industrial history, doing a slot for Robert Elms, has a great local history feed called @time_nw

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