Sunday, 3 November 2019

The Tweets of The Week in the London Borough of Barnet -03/11/2019

A little later than usual. The Tweets of the week. Just remember, if you can keep your head, when all around are losing theirs, you probably lost the plot a very long time ago!

1. We'll start and end with music in Mill Hill. We start by letting you know of a rather cool gig this week!

2. The historical Tweet of the week. One that changed Mill Hill and Hendon for ever

3. If your diary is clear for tomorrow, this looks rather good.

4. Lost moggie of the week

5. This is a campaign I rather hope you support.

6. We support local community action, We hope you do

7. Young Barnet FOundation are recruiting

8. looking for something to do on Friday night

9. Well done to our local team, Hadley FC on another great performance

10. And finally, some fun was had in Mill Hill on Friday night!

That's all folks!

1 comment:

Colin Izzard said...

The BNArchive Tweet has raised a few factual queries. Is there a decline in quality since quitting Colindale!