Monday 15 December 2014

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar Monday 15th December

Woo Hoo - only ten days until Christmas! And here we are at the Barnet Eye still going strong with our Advent Calendar!

Today we have a rather quaint video showing "new police training methods" from the old police training centre at Hendon. This was in the days when policemen looked like Policeman and there was not a shred of body armour in site. The days when villains said "It's a  fair cop guv" and didn't pull out  a knife and stab the arresting officer as all too sadly seems to be the expected outcome today if a villain isn't given a good Tazaring.

And as we are in Hendon, we focus on a really great little charity, one which can he;p transform the lives of the people it helps. We are focusing on the Hendon Branch of Guide Dogs for the Blind -  something which we think is a brilliant cause.

For many people with issues of vison a guide dog can transform  lifestyles and give freedom and independence. especially at Xmas, please consider  a donation. Their Twitter hashtag is




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