Tuesday 9 December 2014

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar - Tuesday 9th December

So here we are on the ninth day of Advent. I must say how thrilled I am with the response to this series of blogs. I'm often stopped by locals in Mill Hill as I'm shopping or getting the train, who like to discuss the subjects of the week. I had wondered how this series would be received, with its format of a video or topic of interest and a plug for a local charity. Everyone who I've spoken to has mentioned that it is great to have these jewels of local history highlighted. I've also had a good response to the highlighting of local charities. I shouldn't have any trouble finding the 25 we need to fill the calendar, 'm nearly there just on your suggestions. Thank you

Today our focus is on Edgware. Both of these topics are close to my heart. First we have a Pathe Video of the openiong of the old Ritz cinema in Edgware. In my day it was the Odeon. I hadn't realiseed until I saw this just what an amazing opening the cinema had. The scenes of Edgware are amazing. It is sad that the cinema was redeveloped not too long ago. I hadn't realied just how magnificent a building it really was!

And for todays Charity we have another Edgware gem. The Larches Trust - http://www.larchescommunity.org.uk/index.htm - this is what they do

The Larches Community is a registered charity established in 1995 by a group of families to create opportunities for young people and adults with learning disabilities and/or autism and Asperger’s Syndrome irrespective of faith.

Education and Training: To increase the skills base of young people and adults with learning disabilities through education and training so that they can enjoy greater independence in their lives.
Social and Recreational: To increase the quality of life of young people and adults with learning disabilities through social and recreational activities.
Social Enterprise: To become increasingly financially independent as an organisation by developing social enterprises and micro businesses.
Supported Living: To give people with learning disabilities the opportunity to live independent lives in the heart of the community by establishing supported living homes.
Community Inclusion: To combat prejudice within the mainstream community by increasing understanding of learning disabilities and autism.  

The Larches is not only a great charity but its Chief Executive Linda Edwards MBE is a great friend of this blog. She has written many guest blogs and is a lovely person to boot. She is a true inspiration.

If you have any spare pennies or have some time or skills you can give to help, please consider getting in touch with them.

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