Tuesday 30 December 2014

The second last day of the year.

It's the second last day of the year. It is icy and cold. But we are past the winter solstace, so was we eke out the final days of 2014, just remember....

In truth, I hate this time of year. Many companies operate holiday calendars that mean you have to use up all your leave at the end of December. What this means is that many of us are forced to use up holiday at the worst possible time of the year. I'd like to see the government pass a law making company holiday calendars have to run from the start of the tax year. At least in April there is the chance of some good weather

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stevenjared0853 said...

Very nice post!! Well, holiday season is about to come and everyone is busy in planning their holiday events. I have also made the plans to take my family to the most popular annual Christmas holiday party in NYC. All my family members are so eager for this trip!!