Tuesday 16 December 2014

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar - Tuesday 16th December

So as we continue on our trip around the Borough, looking for items of interest, we take a little trip down memory lane to Golders Green. Golders Green is famous for many things, not least the Hippodrome. I had hoped to find some video footage of Jimi Hendrix seminal gig there in the mid 1960's, sadly I couldn't. What I did find was this fascinating video of Ernest Bevins funeral at Golders Green cemetary.

For those of you who don't know too much about Ernest Bevin, after Winston Churchill, he is probably the man who did most to help the Allies defeat the NAZI's. Bevan was the minister for Labour in the wartime coalition, drafted in by Churchill as a Trades Union Leader who deeply opposed pacifism and NAZI politics. Bevan organised the British workforce and despite the UK having afar smaller population than the Germany, British wartime production far outstripped that of Germany. This was achieved by ruthlessly forcing everyone who could work into employment. 48,000 conscripted servicemen were diverted into working in the mines, being dubbed Bevin Boys. After the war, Bevin took a leading role in the Labour Government of the day, playing a very important role in the founding of NATO.

It is interesting to see the crowds lining the streets. Can you imagine such a reception for any of the current cabinet or the cabinet of the Blair/Brown era?

There are many fine charities in Golders Green, doing all manner of great work. One which I've supported for many years is http://www.ide-uk.org - if you don't know what they do, this is what there website says

Creating Income and Livelihood opportunities for the Rural Poor

At International Development Enterprises UK, we work with farmers and aspiring entrepreneurs living in poor rural areas all over the world. With them, we create income and livelihood opportunities that empower them to create a better future.

We believe that it is not enough simply to give handouts to those in dire need. IDE helps some of the worlds poorest people to build lives and wealth for themselves. Giving people the tools to lift themselves out of poverty is not only an admirable goal, but it is also in our interests as well, as it means that they become self sufficient. If you have a few spare pennies this Christmas, why not help someone else build a better future for themselves?

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