Thursday 22 October 2015

How Barnet Labour failed us and let the Tories wreck our libraries

Tuesday night saw both the Tories and Labour in Barnet fail us. As ever the Tories did it maliciously, Labour did it by incompetence. Prior to the vote, I'd spoken to one of the more sensible Tories in Barnet. This member is disgusted at the proposal and assurred me  they would vote against the cut. As there are 32 Tories and 31 opposition councillors, the proposal would have fell. On the night however, three Labour Councillors failed to show up. I was called by my Tory friend last night, who apologised for their actions, but stated that in the event his vote would have been futile. So we will never really know. But that is Barnet. Those 3 get a £10,000 allowance to turn up

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