Monday, 12 October 2015

Updated **** Tonight Barnet Council seals the fate of Barnets Libraries - Make sure your voices is heard

I will be asking a question at the Council meeting tonight. People are meeting from 6pm at the Town Hall to ensure the council know the strength of local feeling.  If you believe in democracy, exercise your democratic right to ensure that your councillors know what you think of these diabolical proposals.

Please note: The Conservatives in the Town Hall have a majority of one. It only takes one Conservative Councillor to side with the people of Barnet for this proposal to be thrown out. If your local Conservative Councillors do not, they are personally responsible for this downgrade and the populace will be reminded of this regularly between now and the next election.

Update. The council has issued the responses (if you can call them that) to public questions

There are 134 questions and the council are allowing 30 mins for the public to get answers.The majority of questions I asked have not had proper answers. Q39 which I asked even asked me to refer to the answer to q39 as part of the answer. Ask yourself this. What sort of organisation does not play straight and fast with the people who pay their bills?

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