Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My response as a musician to the Paris attack

Readers of this blog primarily know me as a blogger. I've written a blog for eight years now so I suppose this is a natural enough thing. I am proud of my blogging career, however this is not my main interest. I have been a musican all of my adult life. I have written songs, played guitar played in bands, run a music studio, organised gigs and festivals and spent my life loving music. My studios, Mill Hill Music Complex is one of Londons largest studio complexes and we have over 1,000 musicians a week passing through our doors. I have hundreds of friends who are musicians. With my own band, The False Dots, nearly 50 musiicans of all colours and creeds have played beside me. Our line ups have included musicians from Nigeria, Sudan, Portugal, Slovakia, Ireland, New Zealand, Austria, Jamaica and all parts of the UK. Once we play we are as one. Music brings us together. It unites us and brings joy to our lives. There really is nothing in the world like playing in a band that is making great music. One of the greatest things about London is we have brilliant musicians from all over the world. This helps us to raise our game and keeps the London music scene at the forefront of world music. It also makes London the most tolerant city in the world and the one most comfortable with its cultural diversity.

I believe these factors are not unconnected with the attack on the concert hall in Paris. I believe that hate filled, evil people see music as the enemy.The attack on The Eagles of Death Metal gig in Paris was an attack on musicians, music lovers and human beings everywhere. Any one of us could have been playing, watching, working at the venue or simply walking past.

We must stand up and be counted and say we will not be scared, intimidated or change our lifestyle. As a community musicians and music lovers were at the heart of this assault. We will fight back, but we will do it with guitars, drums, keyboards, lyrics and music.

These killlers will soon be erased and forgotten but great music will last forever.
That is why it is so important that we ensure we have music venues and studios. Music brings people together.

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