Tuesday, 10 November 2015

We're all in it together? 25 Barnet Council bosses paid over £100K

The Barnet Tmes details how 25 Barnet Council Bosses are earning over £100K a year. One of these earns over £200K per year and five earn over £150K. We're all in it together? It is interesting to note that this mobs salaries in light of the decimation facing the library service, which is something us little people use. Barnet Council is a top heavy, bloated organisation with highly paid bosses, who shuffle pieces of paper, whilst letting Capita do all the work, reaping handsome profits for their shareholders into the process. The residents are never considered, it is simply a gravy train for a powerful cabal of highly paid officers, who run rings around incompetent politicians. I suppose it's good work if you can get it. Sadly the rest of us pay a fortune in Council tax to keep this lot in big dinners. What aworld we live in. No wonder the ordinary staff are on strike.

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