Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet 28/11/2015

It's been a while, TBH the local Twitterai has been a tad dull of late. This week though, it's been quality. So here is the pick of the bunch.

1. We start with a pair of tweets from one of our more sensible Conservative Councillors and former Mayor Hugh Rayner

Syria (1) Why can't UK support campaign in other ways than bombing - like providing targeting information. Why do we have to get embroiled?

  1. Syria (2) And money saved can be used to protect lives at home. Bombing without an exit strategy achieves nothing. Remain to be convinced!
2. It is always nice to see a Burnt Oak lad bigging up their hood. Big Norm from Burnt Oak simply loves it. 

you should try living in Burnt Oak like I do. it's lovely! nice library too.

3.Love this tweet & picture

Friday the 13th Halifax II (III) Bomber at YAM. Original nose art at RAF Hendon

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 4. Mr Mustard thinks motorists in Mill Hill are being short changed

Hey you rake in c.£600,000 a year in the Bunns Lane Car Park. So why do you leave it in a state? 
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 5. Not strictly in Barnet, but only down the road..

At wonderful museum in Stanmore which is now selling these amazing volunteer made biscuits 

 6. Lovely tweet from one of our favourite tweeters

This was where Ronnie Mitchell was earlier on  

7. Some great news for the Barnet Eye pub of the year 2014 - where we lead, others follow!

First time landlords of Colindale pub scoop national award
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 8. Barnet Eye Guest Blogger Andrew Evans has been getting some good feedback for a great article on living in Barnet!

9. Anyone lost a silver shilling? 
Today's star find in the hunt for Barnet battlefield, was this rather lovely silver shilling of James I!  


10. We were on the @RobertElms show this week promoting our Save London Music campaign!

The BIG London Venue Project – In association with The Robert Elms Show on BBC Radio London

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Some real crackers there methinks! But I've saved the best till last! Our old pal Brian Coleman tells Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron that Serious Politicians don't do "Have I Got News For You". Is this a subtle dig at Boris or has Brian just got a bad memory? I've heard Brian has a new career giving advice to fledging politicians on how to get on in politics. I wonder if "don't beat women in the High St" is high on the list?

looked embarrassed and light weight . Serious Politicians don't do this show

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