Friday, 6 November 2015

What I did yesterday morning

Breakfast at the Passage
Let me tell you what I did yesterday. At 7am I arrived at in Victoria which is a day centre for homeless people. We set up and provided a breakfast for approx 100 homeless people. For those with no money, they get a voucher to a value of 60p towards breakfast. We charge 15p for a rasher of bacon or a sausage and 10p for eggs, bean & Porridge. 2 slices of toast are free as are the tea and coffee. We also get the left over sandwiches from Pret, which are distributed free of charge. Clients are given access to various services, including medical and counselling services, help find accomodation and job advice. There are also laundry and washing facilities.

Due to work commitments I finished at 9am and then went and did a days work. Why am I mentioning this. The Passage runs because people like me volunteer. Can I be so bold as to ask a favour? Would you consider volunteering for such an organisation? There are thousands of community projects which need people to help. Why should you do it? Well I did it because I was initially asked to help over Xmas three years ago when they were short of volunteers for a Thursday between Xmas & New Year. I had no intention of doing it regulary, I just thought I'd go once. Then I found I actually got an enormous amount out of the experience and have been every Thursday I could since.

If you see homeless people and feel sorry for them, the best way to help is through such a project. You would probably be quite surprised at the mix of clients. No one wants to become homeless, it happens because things don't work out. Some have problems with mental health issues, some have problems with addiction, many are suffering due to relationship breakdown. Some are difficult, most are really nice.   All would go hungry if volunteers didn't get up at an unearthly hour to help. Please note this blog is written in a personal capacity and not on behalf of the Passage.

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