Sunday 6 December 2015

Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 6/12/2015

Here is the one you've all been waiting for! Our most popular regular article. It's the Tweets of the week from Barnets biggest twits!

1. And this week there can only be one! It's from our old friend Brian Coleman. Brian is in Gibralter on holiday and it is clearly doing him some good. He even seems to have developed a sense of humour!

I was once mistaken for a serious Politician !!

2. Piyush Pankaj is a bit worried by the ominous clouds over Edgware Station

at Edgware station

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 3. The Mayor of Barnet has been enjoying himself

Meeting with mayor of Barnet , Mark Shooter Thanks for having us !


 4. Sad news in Finchley

  1. Man, 90, dies after 'wind blows him into path of bus' outside Finchley Central Tube station

 5. Nice Piccie of Mill Hill East viaduct from CLOG

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 6. The best view in London?

One thing institute will lose when moving to Kings Cross = stunning views from the Mill Hill library

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7. Seems like Barnet Council has the countries best Social Workers. Soon to be outsourced.....

Barnet wins Team of the Year at the Social Worker of the Year Awards
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 8. That Mayor of ours gets around a bit, doesn't he

Mayor and Mayoress of Barnet at the opening of Christmas Fayre today

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 9. Sadly our outsourced Council seems to be falling apart

Our call centres are experiencing technical difficulties & are unable to receive any phone calls (1/2)

We are working to fix this issue ASAP. We apologise for any inconvenience (2/2)

 10. and finally.... we were on the radio with the Save London Music campaign

You can hear the latest campaign update on the Robert Elms show here at 1.45.50 to be precise! ->

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