Sunday 13 December 2015

Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet

Welcome to the mad, bad world of Britains most bonkers Borough. Stand by, you will be truly amazed!

1. There is no way, this cannot be the tweet of the week! Whatd o you do when you have a convicted crim on a Navy warship? That's right, you give him a machine gun! Just as well Helen Michael wasn't around!

UK unleashes new weapon in fight against terrorism! !!

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2. Someones been having a smashing time in Burnt Oak

Happened in Burnt Oak today

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3. Had to laugh at this one. Love the rubber gloves! Won't ask the obvious question, but I don't know if I'd be putting my hand to my mouth in these circumstance!

Today the team issued a closure order for a brothel in Edgware

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4. Proof that Barnet Council is full of Grit!

The deadline for our Grit my Street scheme is this Friday. Sign up here

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5. Love this picture

Spike Milligan's bench, the ... what's your favourite part of Finchley?

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6. Don Lyven is enjoying some Xmas Carols

2nd half Christmas Concert for cause; carols, Xmas songs & speech.

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7. I do wonder if Brian Colemans chosen replacemnt for th Barnet and Camden GLA job is planning to emulate Brian? Will Brian be schooling him in the arts of how to win friends and influence people/

Some people dish it out but are shocked when they get it back...."not an MP being rude, but an MP being rude back" |

8.  Dan's Labour challenger Mr Dismore clearly doesn't like Camden boozing culture


9. Shirley Burnham likes the Barnet Libraries campaign animated video

Save Barnet Libraries animation Rresidents and school children star in a new film > It's BRILLIANT, Julia!

10. There may be some relief for London venues

Thats all folks! Have a great week!

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