Friday 29 April 2016

Ken Livingstones comments - Who are the real Nazi?

Firstly, lets have a quick look at Ken Livingstones comments. The Labour Party was 100% correct to suspend him for making such awful comments. Hitler didn't "go mad". He was an evil, dangerous bigot from day 1. You simply can't excuse anti semitism or seek to justify it.

That said, lets just remember one thing. The Nazis were disgusting. Who were their first victims? Who were they murdering when Livingstone thought Hitler was sane? The answer is the disabled. Sadly there is no one getting sacked for attacks on the the disabled. This blog uncovered a terrible scandal where Barnet Council have cancelled disabled peoples freedom passes without telling them, meaning they've been kicked off buses and tubes and publicly humiliated. My fellow blogger Mrs Angry did some digging. What she found is even worse. The deputy leader of Barnet Council, Dan Thomas is seeking election to the GLA. What has he done to sort this out? Nothing, despite many opportunities. It seems that we haven't learned the lesson of history and the disabled are still the first target. The Nazi's had numerous groups they attacked. Sadly some are still considered fair game for discrimination and public humiliation.

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