Sunday 10 April 2016

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 10/4/2016

Here it is again, after a weeks break whilst I was sunning myself in Florida. The fave weekly feature. The Tweets of the week!!!!

1. Can anyone who likes our Borough not read this tweet and feel deeply miserable?

ChurchFarmhouse Museum - closed for years,still displaying signage & someone living inside

2. Dramatic pictures from the Fire brigade from Hendon.

20 firefighters are tackling a flat fire on Century Close in © . More details when we get it.

3. Stuart Kew is rather fed up with fly tippers in Colindale

please do something about constant fly tipping daily in Colindale!

4. So you thought Colindale tube station is getting more crowded. Gilbert The Wheel begs to differ!

1930 colindale tube station

5. A sentiment many of us locals will agree with. Well done Anthony!

From training in Finchley with my little bro to world champ, deserve everything you've got mate congrats!

6. Some good news in East Finchley

Planning approval granted for new community hub to replace the Old Barn in East Finchley

7. Regular tweeter @Barnet_Rebel is not happy

Sadly, this is what Hendon FC looks like now....

8.  BORA believe Burnt Oak is the place to be!

Exciting times tomorrow only place to be burnt Oak# our town our future @PaulBragma

9. Julia Hines is not impressed with the quality of the bollard installations in Finchley!

Not sure which genius installed these bollards before removing the abandoned car

10. And finally some exciting news in Mill Hill.

French Market in Mill Hill Broadway

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