Saturday 9 April 2016

The Saturday list #87 - My Top 10 bands from the London Borough of Barnet

I've been thinking of some of the bands I've known from the locality over the years. This list isn't a list of the famous, it's the bands I've known and seen at local venues. Some of them achieved a degree of success, some didn't. There are of course dozens that I could list, but here is a little tour of the weird and wacky world of the Barnet music scene and its darker recesses.

All of these have an association with Mill Hill Music Complex studios, of which I am extremely proud.

1. The Polecats.

Had to mention this mob. I went to school with Boz and Phil and they are all still good mates. This is them on TOTP.

2. The Sway.
 This was a band that should have been massive. Then again I had a vested interest as I managed them! This was there one and only video - Going Blind.

3. The Vektors.
The Vektors were a band from Edgware School. In the late 1970's I used to promote gigs at the Harwood Hall and I always invited the Vektors as they pulled a great crowd. Full of energy and always good fun. Here they are in 1979 at the Harwood Hall.

4. The Huw Lloyd-Langton band
Huw Lloyd Langton was a member of Hawkwind and also had his own band. He was an amazing musician and another good mate of mine. One day I'll have to dig out and post the video of Huw jamming with The False Dots for my 40th birthday party. He lived in Hendon for many a year. Sadly missed.

5. The Silencer feat Lee Thompson
No list could be complete without Mr Lee Thompson of Barnet. The Siliencerz are his most Barnet based outfit and are well worth a look.

6. The Mods.
This is from the iconic Mods Mayday album. The Mods were one of the leading Mod revivalist bands. Based in Mill Hill East. Mark Casson was the original vocalist and was replaced by Neil Cox (who later ended singing with The False Dots for a while.

7. Joe Angel.
Joe is my favourite local reggae artist. All I can say is check him out, he's great!

8. The Skiff Skats

The legendary Smith brothers. Cowpoke Rock. Signed to Madness record label, but never made the big time. Had an amazing reunion last year, sadly minus Pete "Pigmeat"Smith who passed away many a moon ago.

9. Hamptons

Here's a band I believe are destined for great things. Based around Mill Hill, they've been going for a while and look on the verge of great things.

10. Black Doldrums
Another band on the verge of greatness. Check em out. You will be hearing a lot more of them sometime soon.

And finally, being a terriible self publicist, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to plug The False Dots. Here's a track from our forthcoming album "Songs of Love and War"

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