Tuesday 17 May 2016

Nutmeg - A Barnet success story

 The launch of Beyond The Class at Mill Hill Music Complex
We live in a wonderful Borough with some marvellous people. Last we I was extremely honoured to have some of the finest of our young people at my studios for the launch of a new youth magazine. Nutmeg is a community project that is an amazing success story. Nutmeg launched "Beyond The Class" at our studios and it was great to see so many fantastic people coming down for the event.

Nutmeg say about themselves
Nutmeg Community is an award winning charity working with young people to promote self-reliant, sustainable, cohesive and prosperous communities. Our slogan ‘Get a Piece of da Peace’ encourages young people to recognise that they are a piece of the jigsaw and play a part in bringing peace to their communities.
We deliver an array of highly effective projects engaging with hard to reach young people across the London Borough of Barnet, particularly in areas of high need (Grahame Park, West Hendon, Burnt Oak, and Edgware). Projects have included providing mentoring, organising community cohesion events, delivering workshops and promoting volunteering opportunities.
 The Barnet Eye believes that young people don't always get a fair press. I beleive all of our community should support projects such as Nutmeg. It is always great to write about good things in our neighbourhood.

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