Sunday 29 May 2016

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 29/5/2016

We know you've been waiting for it , so here we go again. It's our fave weekly article and there are a few crackers this week!

1.  The World comes to Mill Hill Broadway! Mark Richards is pretty excited! ( We all are)

2. Barnet Rebel is getting all excited at the prospect of a brand new Mayor of Barnet!

has been installed as Barnet Mayor, with Cllr Sury Khatri as Deputy Mayor.
3. Fancy some comedy? No not at the Town Hall.

Colindale Comedy Club - free comedy - guaranteed enjoyment! 1st Thursday of the month - 8pm
4. And the local Police are keeping us safe! Disturbing seleection of knifes recovered

Two knives handed in at Colindale Police Station & off the streets
4. This is the sort of Tweet we like here. Interesting useless fact!

Fact of the day: Barbara Windsor used to live in Owen Luder design Hendon Hall Court.
5. Dramatic scenes in Finchley!

6. A message from Becca Breslin-Peel that we should all support

All done ... The Edgware blood donor centre staff are lovely ... Painless and quick process ... 💉
7. And one of our local superstars (and good mates) had a birthday recently

Martin James "Boz" Boorer > born 19th May 1962 Edgware, UK > Happy Kickin` Birthday Boz!
8. The Borough of Barnet's oldest resident!

Trees can tell incredible stories. This is LDN's 2000+ yr old yew in Totteridge. 2moro!

9. Our favourite Cafe owner is not happy about her rates (and her biggest admirer was on cracking form with a rather witty riposte which did make me snigger!)

Week 4 My business rates have increased the services have gone Outsourcing for you
you should tidy your bedroom up yourself and not expect the council to do it for you

10. And finally, Mill Hills favourite studio has made a promo video they want you to watch!

Ever wondered what we do at Mill Hill Music Complex. We made a little film to tell you!

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Broadway Blogger said...

Fantastic list and an honour to be included. For a moment I thought this was the follow up to yesterday's article and you were listing me as the least influential person in Barnet - which is probably true! but thank you for all you do promoting the markets and the area. We must get together with the MHNeighbourhoodForum to organise a music stage based on NW London bands/The Music Complex etc. I am sure we could get together some tasty names between us :-) Have a great bank holiday.