Tuesday 27 September 2016

Barnet Council Freedom Pass consultation - please respond

At long last Barnet Council have launched the public consultation on their proposals for disabled persons freedom passes.
They claim to be bringing their interpretation of the eligibility criteria in line with the Care Act 2014.
The Care Act 2014 emphasises the requirement of Local Authorities to promote wellbeing, prevent or delay further needs developing, and independence.
How does cancelling a Freedom Pass achieve any of these, I wonder?

The link for responding to this consultation is below. Please circulate this to all disabled/vulnerable people and carers who may be affected.

We already know what their intentions are, given the illegal attempt earlier this year to cancel them.  We need to ensure that our voices are heard and we support those within ur community with disabilities and limited mobility. 

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JP JennyThePennyFur JP said...

Honestly they shouldn't be cancelling the freedom pass because they are taking away their interpretation. I wasn't happy when they took away my interpretation.