Wednesday 14 September 2016

Chorizo May - Is the Prime Minister really a sausage?

Am I the only person who has noticed just how many broadcasters cannot pronounce the name of the Prime Minister? Whist I'd have thought Theresa is a fairly easy name to pronounce, it seems that more and more replace the 'Th' with a 'Ch', transforming her into a rather tasty sausage. Whilst I find it reasonably amusing, I do tend to think that if your job is to be a broadcaster, you should at least be able to pronounce the name of the Prime Minister of the day. If I was Emily Thornberry, I may be tempted to cry sexism as Tony Blair and David Cameron never had their name transformed into sausages, but I doubt that is really the case in this instance. Of course it isn't just broadcasters. Manchester United had a manager for a couple of decades who couldn't pronounce the name of his own club. Sir Alex Ferguson always refers to the club as "ManchesKnighted". Jack Charlton also had a few problems with names, famously not dropping the silent J from Johan Cruyff's name when acting as a BBC pundit. Of course both were employed for football knowledge so we can excuse them, but people who's only job is to talk on telly and radio? If the BBC want a bit of ethnic diversity or regional accents fine, but surely a bit of vocal coaching wouldn't go amiss. Whilst we understand who Choriso May is, how often do we find we haven't a clue what they are on about?


Unknown said...

Yes, Chorizo May is a sausage. Tony Bear is a bear, and david Camaron is a tiny shrimp.

xmarx said...

Hahahha, we've noticed it today in the news, Choriza May over and over again. Mind that in slang in Spanish, chorizo is a word used to mean robber, burglar.... that's why in Spain many politicians are always called as chorizos.