Tuesday 13 September 2016

Feeding the 5,000 - Helping Londons homeless as winter approaches

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Not something we should only do every 2,000 years
It costs £1.42 to give a homeless person in London a meal. Since 2012, I've been volunteering at The Passage, A Homeless day centre in Central London. I've also volunteered for the Mill Hill Churches night shelter homelessness (which works with Homeless Action Barnet to provide shelter for our local homeless in winter months) project since its inception. There are two great charities that musicians I know support, these are Punks 4 The Homeless and Musicians against Homelessness. I was thinking about all of this and also the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 (also the title of a Crass album). 

So the thought occurred to me. If Jesus could feed 5,000 hungry people, maybe he was trying to tell us something. A quick bit of math tells me 5,000 meals for Londons homeless costs £7142.86. So I was thinking, I'm blessed to know great musicians and have great contacts. What about launching a series of gigs to feed the 5,000 and raise £7142.87? Can it be done?

So that is my new mission. Between now and Xmas, I'm gonna be setting up a 'Feeding The 5,000' series of gigs so that some great bands, can play some great music and do something useful. I propose to divvy the dosh raised between Homeless Action Barnet, The Passage and Crisis. We will also be holding collections at the gigs for local Foodbanks such as the Colindale Foodbank.

Let me know if you want to get involved in the project.

Over the coming weeks, I'll be releasing more details of the project. We want to make this more than just a charity appeal . I will be setting up a Justgiving page, but ideally we want people to come to the gigs, put money in the collection, bring food for the foodbank and have a great night.

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