Thursday 15 September 2016

Time for proper food labelling

Do you worry about your health? When you select your lunch or dinner, is the impact on your health of the food you will eat a consideration or do you simply think 'that's tasty, yum yum'?

I like to think I have a balance. I try and go for tasty options at the healthy end of the spectrum (most of the time).

But the problem we all have is that for the average Joe, we really have little idea of what is healthy and what is bad for us.

None of us know what pesticides are used on the vegetables we eat, what drugs are used on the animals and fish we consume or even what the animals we ate were fed.

It is time all of this stuff was published on the labels. There was a scandal a few years back when it was revealed cows were being fed excrement. Don't you think a consumer should know all of this. If you still choose to eat it, fine, but let's be informed.

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