Wednesday 14 September 2016

Why don't politicians ever point out just how much we owe immigrants

Am I alone in being sick and tired of the constant denigration of immigrants in the press and by politicians who should know better. I thought I'd just take five minutes to list a few of the great things immigrants have done for me, my family, our community and our nation. 

1. My Dad was an immigrant from the Commonwealth. He came to the UK as a volunteer to fly Wellington Bombers for 40 squadron in World War 2, defending our freedom. His crew included an Irishman, a Kiwi, a Newfoundlander and another Aussie. All fought for our freedom, along with Poles, Czechs, Fre French, Indians, Gurkas, Fijians, Canadians, West Indians, Africans and even Pacific Islanders. After the war, my father settled in Mill Hill, founded a business that employed 18 people in its heyday and even had its own football team.

2. My Grandfather was an immigrant from Ireland, who fought for our freedom in WW1. He was gassed for his troubles and died young.

3. My father in Laws career was Nigerian and brought fun, care and happiness to my Father in Law in his final years.

4. My mother had a carer of Indian origin in her final years. The team who delivered her meals on wheels, allowing her to live independently were immigrants.

5. The doctor who performed the procedure to address my Prostate cancer earlier this year is an immigrant.

6. The railway I travelled to work on this morning was mainly constructed by Immigrants.

7. The curry I eat tonight will be cooked by an immigrant.

8. My friend, who is employing my daughter currently, comes from refugee stock, who fled pogroms in Poland.

9. The bass player in my band is an immigrant from Portugal.

10. The surveyor who oversaw the construction of our studio complex was a German immigrant.

I could go on, but I think you've probably got my point. Every insult about immigrants is an insult to all of these people and to me, my family and my friends. The UK would be poorer, less well educated and less healthy without immigrants, we'd struggle to even feed ourselves. The challenge we all have is to make this great nation work for the people who live here and the people who come here. I don't know of any sensible solution that starts with ignorance and insults. Rant over.

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