Monday 6 November 2017

10 ways your MP can avoid scandal

Are you an MP? I've read all manner of horse$h1t saying that this recent sexual scandal is unfair to MPs, that 'they are only human', etc. It is all complete nonsense. Avoiding the scandals etc is easy. Just in case it seems hard, here are a few basic rules.

1. Don't claim cash for things that are not directly related to doing your job. If you are unsure, don't claim.

2. Don't accept donations from anyone or any organisations that may be perceived as having a vested interest in influencing you. If you are unsure, politely decline.

3. Don't make sexual advances or inappropriately touch people in the working environment.

4. If you are in a position of authority, avoid relationships with people over who you have authority.

5. Treat people with respect and politeness, even if they are rude. If they are angry, it is usually because they have perceive they have been treated unfairly.

6. When you are asked to speak at a function, Google the other speakers. Make sure they are people you are comfortable being associated with.

7. If you have a second job, make sure that you can demonstrate that this does not interfere with your ability to serve your voters. Make sure there is no conflict of interest.

8. Accept that your job makes you a target for all manner of people who may be dangerous. Policemen, soldiers, firemen, nurses etc are all at risk and get paid far less. It is acceptable to take security precautions but not to hide behind them to avoid voters.

9. Moderate your alcoholic intake in public places. It does not improve your judgement.

10. Do not hide behind your staff. The buck stops with you.

I wonder if Matthew Offord, my MP would like to publicly sign up to supporting these ten principles? I would suggest that you ask your MP as well.

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Lindsay said...

Not that hard really, is it? Many people have been following these principles all their lives.