Monday 6 November 2017

The Barnet Eye Community Awards 2017 - Your Sponsorship and nomintaions are needed!

Save the date!  On Saturday the 9th December we will be staging the Barnet Eye annual community awards. This is where we celebrate our community. 

It gives us the opportunity to say thank you to the people who have made a difference in our community over the last year. Unlike the OSCAR's you don't have to pay for a table to join in the fun, and fun their will be with Live music and a DJ, as well as the dishing ouf of awards. This years awards are at The Chandos Arms in Colindale, from 8pm on Saturday the 9th December.

The categories this year are

Barnet Person of the year

Barnet Charity of the year

Barnet Pub of the Year

Barnet Band/Artist of the Year

Barnet Sports Club of the Year

Barnet Community Event of the Year

Barnet Campaigner of the year

Do you have a nomination for any award? We would also like to see an official sponsor. If you as and individual or company would like to sponsor an award, then you will have the chance to have your name on the best event in Barnet this year. 

Any sponsorship money raised will be distributed as follows.

Barnet Person of the Year - To a charity of their choice.
Barnet Charity of the year - To the winning charity.
Barnet Band/Artist of the year - Towards a recording for the the winning artists
Barnet Sports Club of the year - To the winning club
Barnet Community Event of the year - Towards next years event or a charity of the Organisers choice
Barnet Campaigner of the year - To a charity of the their choice.

Please email us using the link in the sidebar if you want to sponsor an event. Your company will be listed on the blog as the sponsor until Janauary 31 2018.

Do you want to nominate someone or an organisation?

+ Please put your nominations as comments at the end of this blog or in an email. If yo nominate someone, you should be prepared to attend the event to present the prize.

Also if you'd like to add a category, let me know.

We've already had some great suggestions.
The way it works is that someone nominates someone and gives a citation as to why. The awards panel will pick the best nomination. For band/artist awards, use the email link in the sidebar and post us videos / clips.

Click here to see last years winners

1 comment:

Richard Logue said...

I'd like to nominate Mill Hill Rugby Club as Barnet Sports Club of the Year. Their community engagement is second to none and they are exactly what a grassroots sporting organisation should be!