Saturday 25 November 2017

The Saturday List #156 - My Top Ten Takeaways in Mill Hill

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It's Saturday. You have a dilemma, do you watch Strictly as you quite fancy seeing if Debbie McGhee's twirls are up to scratch, but you also fancy a tasty dinner and a good bottle of wine and you don't want to cook. What to do? Well the simple answer is to get a takeaway. If you have a great local takeaway, why not leave a comment at the end of this blog, so we can all join in the fun!
These choices hopefully cover all the bases and they are all favourites of myself or the family. Enjoy!

1. Indian - I rather like the Day of the Raj for a Takeaway. They used to also have a proper restaurant in Mill Hill, but sadly that closed. They are based in Mill Hill East. Check them out at I should also mention the Mill Hill Tandoori, which I eat at far too much and is great, however I do tend to order takeaways from Romel at The Raj, as it is good to support local businesses  and spread the love around.

2. Fish and Chips - In Mill Hill we are rather spoiled as we have five to choose from in the immediate locality. All of which warrant a plug, King Neptune and Boobas at The Green Man,  Fridays at Salcombe Gardens,  Marina's on Deansbrook Parade and the latests addition Cannons on Mill Hill Broadway. I'll go for Cannons here, simply as it is the one I use as it is the closest, I can walk, order my fish and chips, have a quick pint at the Services club, then collect the food and hop along home. All are worth a try

3. Pizza's. Now this is a bit of a sore subject in our household. The only one we like is Molto Pizza on Hale Lane and they have closed. It isn't clear if this is for refurbishment or for good. So if you know whether it is reopening let us know. Alternatively, if you can recommend an alternative leave a comment. We don't do the huge corporrates, so don't add the obvious ones.

4. Japanese. Kiyoto Sushi is excellent. Sushi is something that has to be fresh and well prepared, this place ticks all the boxes.

5. Shakes. Now I never drink these, so I am going solely on the recommendation of my (not so) wee nippers, who still see this as a great treat. This is now a chain, but Mill Hill was the first branch. This was a mega success from day one. It is a great example of what you can do if you have a great idea -

Cobans Kebabs
6. Kebabs. I love a  great Lamb Shish Kebab. My wife is a non meat eater, so you may think that would be an issue, but in Mill Hill we are lucky to have Coban's kebabs. They also do a great falafal wrap. No website, but you can ring them on 0208 906  3296

7. Chinese. Now if you want great quality Chinese food, then the Good Earth really is the best. It isn't cheap, but it is very, very good. People generally think of it as a sit down restaurant, however they do takeaway as well -

8. Bagels. Lets face it, if you live in Mill Hill, you are most likely partial to a smoked Salmon bagel! Yummies Deli is very, very good. They have a great selection of Smoked Salmon as well and will advise you accordingly.

9. Kentucky Fried Chicken. I said we didn't do corporates, but this is my one guilty pleasure. When it comes down to it KFC really do the best fried chicken. Sadly their chips are rubbish! Their drive through at Apex Corner is a very useful part of the local landscape. My sister moved too Essex six years ago and when she comes back, the first thing my nephew does is walk up to KFC with my son. I think that for families KFC is an integral part of the local landscape.

10. A bottle of wine. Ok, if you haven't found something you like there, I can only apologise. If you have, then why not wash it down with a decent bottle of wine. Mill Hill Wines are an excellent wine shop. They also have a range of craft beers.


Unknown said...

I note that the KFC Chain now have on offer a 'Rice Box'. As someone who does'nt enjoy their Fried Chicken (but Mrs H does!) I will always go for the Rice Box. Perfect Rice and Vegetables, a little Lettuce, and small pieces of Chicken (without the chicken skin thank goodness). Try it. Fresh, tasty, low fat, and very appealing!
Ken Holbrook.

Broadway Blogger said...

Fantastic list. Any chance of a list of the Top 10 Vegetarian Takeaway Meals in Mill Hill in a future list - the Coban's Wrap looks great and I did not know about it. Thanks

CalvinCasino said...

‪Great list. I like "Fry days" in Salcome Gardens & the new Cannons Fish in Mill Hill. ��‬