Wednesday 29 November 2017

The Wednesday Poem #33 - The Royal Wedding

As the unofficial Poet Laureate of Barnet, here is my poem to celebrate the engagement of Harry to Meghan. Don't be cynical, we should all celebrate good things and wish people happy, whether we are Royalists  or Republicans. Two young people being happy is something to celebrate.

Celebrate Love, Celebrate Life.
Harry's getting hitched to his trouble and strife,
I hope they live long and I hope it's all great,
For the missus and the brother of our future head of state,
I hope they have kids and I hope they have dogs,
Coz the the best thing in life is a house full of sprogs,
I quite like Harry, feel sad about his Mum
So I'll raise him a glass when the wedding deed is done,
Cause marriage is a blessing and I hope his is for life,
And I hope like me he's happy with his choice of wife.

Copyright 2017 Roger Tichborne

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (27 November 2017)
Charles and Meghan (courtesy of the EPA/BBC Website)
I just hope that Harry gives Megan a happier life than Charles gave his mother. I really wouldn't want one of my daughters to end up in that goldfish bowl. I am a republican as I don't believe a modern democracy should have an unelected head of state, although I think that any discussions should wait until Charles succeeds Her Majesty and it would simply be disrespectful to someone who has done a fantastic job for decades to even have a debate. I actually quite like the fact we've got an old dear on the throne. It is two fingers up to both sexists and ageists which can only be good. So put your cynicism aside for a few minutes.

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