Sunday 25 February 2018

The Tweets of The Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 25/02/2018

So here it is again, the highlights of all the best tweets from our neck of the woods!

1. I love this tweet. Great to see a real working role model inspiring 2nd Edgware Scouts

2. The Police in Colindale have been getting serious with the bad boys!

3. Looking for a good night out this Thurdsay

4. RAF Hendon need some help. Interested?

5. A famous Cricklewood night club was in the news this week!

6. Now we are talking. Off to Golders Green then!

7. Love this from Finchley Horticultural Society.

8. A sad sight in Finchley

9. Rugby isn't just a game played by men with funny shaped balls, you know!

10. Make some noise and don't bother the neighbours!

That's all folkers!

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