Wednesday 21 February 2018

The Wednesday Poem #39 - Rock and Roll Rescue

Rock and Roll Rescue

"1-2-3-4 There's no stopping the cretins from hopping"

Those were the words that changed my life,
They gave me a job, they gave me a wife,
Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy,  Joey,
I saw the light and set my soul free.

Dimly lit, Reality Ballroom,
Sometimes I feel those images calling,
Don't know faces out of place,
Still don't get the human race,

Rock and Roll runs through my blood,
My Fender Strat, my first true love,
It all started with The Ramones,
Turn up the music and Poguemahone

Copyright 2018 - Roger Tichborne

The False Dots
I cannot understate the importance of Rock and Roll music to me. It is a matter of huge pride that I have my name up on the wall of the Roundhouse, as part of the celebrations of the venues history. Until I saw The Ramones back on June 6th 1977, I was something of a lost soul. They inspired me to form The False Dots, a band I've been playing in ever since. I met my wife at False Dots gig back in 1985, at The Three Hammers Pub of all place (and they say romance is dead). Needing a rehearsal space for my band, inspired me to start my studio business. I've dozens of great friends who are musicians, many of whom have played or guested in the band. The number of gigs I've seen is beyond recall (not only due to the alcohol). Music is life affirming and is a friend through thick and thin. When I feel low, I play my guitar. When I am happy I play my guitar. After 39 years and countless gigs I still get a frisson of excitement at both rehearsals and gigs.

The False Dots are playing at The Save London Music 3rd Birthday party on Saturday at The Midland Hotel in Hendon (next to the Thameslink Station). Admission is free, live music from 8.30pm. We'd love you to join us.

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