Saturday 24 February 2018

The Saturday List #166 - Mill Hill's Top Ten Restaurants as voted for by the local diners

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Mill Hill's favourite restaurant voted for by you!

There are over 30 places to eat in Mill Hill. That does not include the takeaways. I thought I'd commission a poll of Mill Hill residents on the Mill Hill Families facebook page and a couple of other social media sites. The rules were quite simple. I posted the following question and counted up the answers.

"I'm doing a little poll for my blog. If you have eaten in a restaurant in Mill Hill and can recommend it, can you Simply post the name of it below. On Saturday, I'll publish the list. If you've eaten in several and recommend them all, please add all. If you've got any comments it would be good, especially if they are useful to people with dietary requirements such as vegetarian or Kosher. Just interested to see which ones us locals like best. Not looking for bad reviews, please. If they get no votes that will say it all! Thanks and I hope we get some useful feedback. Looking for eat in rather than takeaways"

I was quite surprised by the results. There were a couple of brilliant places to eat that didn't feature at all. My own personal list would look rather different, although I think all of the winners are fine restaurants. In total we had nearly 300 suggestions. The winner was

So here is the list. The winner was clear, getting nearly 30% more votes than the second place. By the way, there are actually eleven in the list. This is because there was a three way tie for the 8th place and it seemed unfair to drop one!

Here is the list

2. BAW
6. Kiyoto
7. Leyla
=8. Zushi

Hudsons is one of the newest additions to the Broadway, so it has clearly made a great impression. Here are a couple of the comments left

Maria - I have eaten at Hudson’s and had s good experience the staff were attentive and the food was great!!

Nicky - Hudson's. Though expensive (especially for vege options) food was tasty and service was impeccable

Natalie - Hudson's great burgers.

So very well done to Hudsons and all of the rest of the great Mill Hill restaurants. Maybe we'll do this again next year and see if it's changed, as it's been fun. There are over 30 places to eat and I think all of them have fans who made the case for their favourite eatery.

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